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Connected Car Safety Security

Assist Australia’s Connected Car services utilise smart technology to provide your customers with a premium support experience in emergency situations.

From accidents to stolen vehicle tracking, our Connected Car services can help your customers navigate any roadside issue. With near-real-time notification capability, customers are instantly connected to our dedicated customer experience team, directly/automatically from the vehicle. These highly trained professionals will manage the customer’s journey from end-to-end, expertly triaging and processing each event. We proudly work hand-in-hand with Australian Emergency Services to ensure a co-ordinated, seamless, and urgent response to emergency situations.

Our Connected Car safety and security program leverages the vehicle data, providing a proactive response to customers and ensuring safer and smarter customer journeys.

Connected Car benefits include:

  • World class response to emergency situations.
  • Exact geo-location information is provided to first responders to improve response time and customer care.
  • Improved likelihood of stolen vehicle recovery.
  • Driver proactive response through monitoring and analysis of vehicle health data.
  • Available across a fully customisable platform that can be built to meet a client’s unique needs and business objectives.

Breakdown Call (B-Call)

B-Call (or breakdown call) is the ability to connect the customer to emergency roadside assistance solutions  digitally. 

Today, the customer simply presses the B-Call button to connect directly to a roadside assistance consultant who can pinpoint the exact location of the disabled car via the Telematics Control Unit (TCU). 

In the future, the connected vehicle will digitally  link directly to our roadside patrol dispatch system, ensuring help gets to you faster and more efficiently. 

Emergency Call (E-Call)

E-Call and accident crash notification or airbag notification is the ability for your vehicle or the occupant to connect to Assist Australia. We triage the notification and then contact local emergency services where a customer is in a life-threatening situation and/or in the event of a major accident. Assist Australia’s dedicated consultants provide support with voice-initiated calls and autonomous crash notification alerts received by the vehicle’s Telematics Control Unit (TCU).

Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT)

Where Stolen Vehicle Tracking is enabled in the connected vehicle, Assist Australia, upon authority of a Police Case number, will locate, track and inform Police of the last-known location, direction, and speed of a stolen vehicle. This helps improve the likelihood of our customers’ vehicle being recovered. Assist Australia Is at the forefront of connected car safety and security advancements and our dedicated technical project team is experienced in deployment of global car manufacturer requirements in Australia. We continually invest in emerging digital technologies so that we keep people safe and keep people moving.