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Australia’s largest EV charging network.

Chargefox has partnered with Australia’s leading EV manufactures to offer free or discounted charging to new EV owners looking to enjoy their newfound love of driving an electric vehicle without the unwanted hassle of range anxiety.
Chargefox is the largest public provider of electric vehicle charging stations in Australia and powered by 100% green power. The Chargefox network includes over 3,000km of impressive ultra-rapid charging stations linking the highways of Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and greater Perth. Our EV chargers helps motorists to keep charged in minutes, not hours.

Our discounts

Save 20% when charging at ultra-rapid locations throughout Australia!
Australian Mobility Club Members save 20% when charging at ultra-rapid locations throughout Australia up to 50% off when combined with a partner offer.

Our electric vehicle charging stations

You can find Chargefox stations of ultra-raid electric vehicle chargers located at:

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